Ultra Portable

Rescue calls are rarely convenient, but the solution should be. The RAR Cat allows you to quickly provide aid in a number of ways.

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Durable Construction

With welded seams, 2000 denier / 66 ounce PVC fabric, and 2 air chambers, the durable construction gives you peace of mind in the midst of whatever storm you are facing.

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Don't Sacrifice

We are the best value rescue boat on the market. There is no reason rescue or fire departments should be without this quintessential piece of gear.

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Since 1993

The Rapid Approach Rescue Cat is the most compact, deploy able, and economical rescue boat on the planet!

This boat was developed in cooperation with fire fighters, rescue teams, and swift water instructors to be the most versatile and cost effective inflatable rescue boat in the industry.      The Rescue Cat will withstand extreme conditions and all types of emergency situations. The paddle cat design has been a popular recreational boat for years. By redesigning it with bigger tubes, integrated thwarts, and the “RAR Rescue Ramp” we now have a very adaptable and versatile craft than works in multiple rescue scenarios.

The main advantage is the cataraft design is superior stability and maneuverability. A team of two rescue personnel can navigate any type of on water rescue with room to bring 4 adults back to safety.

In season $2149



Rescue Cat 2019

  • All-purpose boat suitable for rescuers, fire fighters, military and expeditions.
  • 2 Rescue personnel can haul 4 victims to safety
  • Ideal to be used especially during floods for the rescue and transport of people.
  • Can be used during environmental accidents, rescue operations, platform for divers
  • Universal propulsion- paddle, oars, or motor


  • The boat hull consists of a circumferential tube divided with vertical partitions into 4 independent air chambers with integrated thwarts for torsional stiffness.
  • The “RAR Rescue Ramp” make it easy to load injured or stranded into boat
  • Generous stainless steel D Rings for anchoring and rigging
  • High material resistance against damage. 2000 Denier - 44 ounce PVC
  • Bottom chauffeurs 2000 Denier - 66 ounce PVC
  • Welded overlapped seams with inside and outside tape.
  • Self-Bailing Floor with cargo tie downs
  • Strong and comfortable grab handles on the boat perimeter and rescue ramp
  • Stainless D-rings for anchoring, hauling or towing.
  • Leafield D-7 Valves for quick inflation and deflation
  • Easy handling – 2-3 people can manage the boat with motor.
  • Light weight of 70 pounds.
  • Minimum packed dimensions for transport.
  • Five-year Manufacture Warranty
  • Extra stable Twin Tube Design.
  • Floats higher than average allowing for shallow water rescue.
  • Operates reliably in difficult and inaccessible conditions.
  • Universal propulsion depending on the need – motor, paddles, oars.